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Here You will find photos, videoclips and recordings with The Sounds made by partly unknown fans and uploaded to Youtube. The links open in new windows.

American mwe3’s presentation of The Sounds & Rock Jerry and a review of the CD Live At Arcada Studios.

An article from Suomen Kuvalehti (in Finnish).

Photos from the BTS cruise. Photographer: Aki Schadewitz.

The Sounds appearing with the Raittinen bros at the Moporalli in Eläintarha in the late fall 1963.

Lassi Vakkilainen's picture from the concert at the Piritta restaurant 14.01.2013.

Aki Schadewitz’ photos from Stone Bay Inn 03.11.2012, The Sounds together with Rock Jerry.

Staffan Malmström’s photo from the opening of the Guitar Museum in Lapinjärvi 11.11.2011.

K. Kvarnhov’s photos from the Guitar Club Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden 12.05.2012.

Aki Schadewitz’ photos from the concert at the Art Factory in Porvoo 14.07.2012, The Sounds together with Rock Jerry.

Aki Schadewitz’ photos from the concert “The Invasion of Viikinsaari” in Tampere 29.06.2012.

Aki Schadewitz’ photos from the concert at The Savoy theatre in Helsinki 03.03.2012, The Sounds together with Dave Sinner and Rock Jerry.

Aki Schadewiz’ photos from the concert to celebrate the guitar music’s 50th anniversary in Finland, at the Tavastia rock club in Helsinki 01.11.2011.

Lassi Vakkilainen’s recordings dated at the end of the summer of 1963 of The Sounds playing Muurari, Trambone, Amorada and Last Date live at the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s studio in Helsinki.

The recordings were made with a microphone in front of the radio with the recorder shown below. The recordings are owned by The Sounds, copying and distribution strictly forbidden.

The Sounds playing Lonely Guitar live in the TV programme My Morning 10.11.2011.

Videoclips from “Nastolan Rautalankafestivaalit” 02.07.2011, the first live appearance of the group in 46 years:
Mandshurian Beat
Golden Earrings

Ironwire’s photos from the appearance at the guitar festival in Nastola 02.07.2011.

The DVD The Sounds’ Emma by Esa Helasvuo

The Sounds - Mandshurian Beat

The Sounds - Roll over Bach (1964)

The Sounds - Memphis (1965)


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