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The year 2011 was the 50th anniversary of the formation of the guitar group, The Sounds

Their first record, “Emma”, was made in 1963 and it is now 50 years since the Finnish folk song was launched as a twist version for a guitar band. Finnish guitar music has been going strong ever since.

“Emma” quickly won over the whole of Finland. “Emma” and other guitar instrumentals instantly won over the hearts of teenagers and revolutionized the music business. The record topped the charts and remained in the charts for over six months. Its B-side, “Mandschurian Beat”, became popular in Japan and entered the best-selling charts there. The record was the first export success for Finnish popular music.

Marketing of The Sounds became effective during 1963

In the spring, the group often performed on television and records were played regularly on the radio. Appearance at Finland’s Schoolchildren’s Association anniversary in the historical St Olof’s Castle, Savonlinna, and a tour in Finnish Lapland in early June strengthened the group’s position as number one in the country. The next recordings in 1963 were “Kulkuri” and “Lonely Guitar”. Both entered the charts. The group appeared in a TV commercial for the "The Ricky Nelson Show", which was very popular in those days, playing “Kulkuri”.

Then touring continued with a programme called “Amar” after a major Finnish textile company which was a main sponsor, and several great Finnish artists co-starred in the shows. The tour lasted well into August that summer.

After the summer of 1963 The Sounds had performed in most of Finland’s towns and “Emma” became Finnish youngsters’ own hit. “Emma” is still heard on the radio and is played at guitar music festivals around the country.

The Sounds' lineups after the come back in 2011

Bobi Söderblom rhythm guitar, Peter Ekman bass guitar, Esa Helasvuo keyboards. The group's new members are Wille Granö on drums and Erkki Sutela on lead guitar.

In this lineup, the group has already performed in several almost sold-out venues and concerts, beginning in 2011 with the Guitar Festival in Nastola, and the Swedish-language live TV programme “My Morning”. In 2012 the group performed at The Savoy Theatre in Helsinki, the Nordic Guitar Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Guitar Festival in Viikinsaari, Tampere, and at a cultural centre, The Art Factory, in Finland’s second oldest city, Porvoo.

The group has continued with new gigs all over Finland since the new lead guitar member joined the group in 2014 doing 1-2 gigs per month. The group released a new CD The Sounds & Rock Jerry live at Arcada Studios in the late fall 2015. In the summer 2016 a new drummer joined the group and the present line up is presented on the picture below.

In the spring 2018 Kaj Järnström alias Rock Jerry left the band in mutual understanding and The Sounds is for the time beeing continuing as a pure instrumental group in the line up Erkki Sutela, Bobi Söderblom, Esa Helasvuo, Jomme Kettunen and Peter Ekman.

In the beginning of 2019 Erkki Sutela left the band to concentrate on The Oldies and Danny's backing group. He was replaced by Jan-Erik Saine educated in the Pop & Jazz conservatory. He has gathered experience in several guitar groups a.o. The Sleepwalkers and the Crescents. He has also worked as a teacher in guitar playing.

Simultaneously one of the original formers of the group Bobi Söderblom decided to step aside. He was replaced by Ave Lönnfors who has a long history in finnish pop music in a.o. The Scaffolds, The Boys, The First, Frankies, Lemon and The Diamonds. Now the band again got a well reputed vocalist.

The following persons have played in The Sounds: Henrik Granö, Bobi Söderblom, Johnny Liebkind, Kaj Järnström alias Rock Jerry, Timo Puustinen, Eero Raiittinen, Jussi Raittinen, Martin Brushane, Ronnie Österberg, Wille Granö and Erkki Sutela.

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